Map for SECTIONS Model Response

Created by Lynn Chartrand (@lynn_chartrand), response for Using the SECTIONS Model to Evaluate a Tool Activity

I am not usually one to give much thought to SECTIONS when considering technology use in the classroom. I will usually go with what is currently available at my academic institution. SECTIONS was a great activity and has certainly given me cause to reflect on many different areas when considering which technology to implement in more… »

Ontario Extend Module 2: Activity 3: Define Your Learner Challenge: Group Work Response

Created by Lynn Chartrand (@lynn_chartrand), response for Learner Challenge Activity

My students often have a dislike for group work. Just the mention of group work receives a lukewarm reception. After listening to the variety of reasons as to why students dislike group work, I have created a group contract which I will be posting as a Google Doc. My hope is that this document, will more… »