A Tiny Tech Tale Response

Created by Steven Secord (@stevensecord), response for Tell Us a Tiny Tech Tale Activity

One of the things I have been meaning to do with my blog is to license it with a Creative Commons ShareAlike attribute and when I went to add it to my WordPress site I realized that it was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. It includes a series of animated gif screenshots that I took using Gyazo (a more… »

My Column – Digital Citizenship Response

Created by Steven Secord (@stevensecord), response for Curation Creation Activity

Teaching future teachers about Digital Citizenship is always at the forefront of my mind. If they are considering these issues in their day to day activities, then they are likely to be good models for the students they are teaching, whether it be kindergarten, high school, or higher education. These are just a couple of more… »

Consider This! Where have I been? Response

Created by Steven Secord (@stevensecord), response for Consider This Activity

Finding images that we have permission to use can take a little longer than a wide open Google search, however that time is worth it when you consider what you are contributing back to the community by doing so. I posted a blog on this topic, along with a short rant on marking assignments digitally more… »