(UN) PREPARED TikTok Response

Created by Stephanie Ferguson (@stpark), response for Thought Vectors and Nuggets Activity

The article that resonated strongly with me was  PATCH TWENTY-THREE: (UN) PREPARED by Sherri Spelic. It was written two and a half years before COVID-19 ever came on the scene to turn our world and lives upside down. However, after I read it, I had to double-check the date it was written because it felt more… »

More Like Riding a Bike Response

Created by Stephanie Ferguson (@stpark), response for Like Driving a Car Activity

The threshold concept in online learning design that I’d like to explore for this activity is that online learning can be equal to or in some cases richer than face-to-face teaching. This is definitely a challenging concept to accept or even entertain for anyone who is new to online teaching, who only has experience teaching more… »

Teaching Online: COVID-19 Edition Response

Created by Stephanie Ferguson (@stpark), response for WIIFM Activity

Traditionally, instructors and students who took part in online courses were willing participants who made the choice to teach and learn in that environment.  Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, faculty members were definitely dealt a big “Because you have to!” answer without really having the chance to even ask the question, “What’s in more… »

Cornell Notes on Cultivating Care Response

Created by Stephanie Ferguson (@stpark), response for Cornell Notes Activity

I chose Michelle Pacansky-Brock‘s keynote, “The Anatomy of Learning: Cultivating Care from the Very First Click to take notes on. Here are a few of my observations from completing this activity… The quality of my handwriting went tragically downhill in university and has yet to return. I write in capital letters because that is sadly my more… »

Going For a Drive Response

Created by Stephanie Ferguson (@stpark), response for Misunderstood Activity

When working with faculty on remote teaching course development, a common misconception has been that you can’t make the same meaningful connections with students online that you can in traditional face-to-face classrooms. Instructors feel the lack of in-person contact justifies this misconception. However, it’s often because in-person is the only way they are used to more… »

Bank Deposit Response

Created by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), response for Activity

I’ve contributed an idea to the Daily Extend idea bank. Now that I’ve seen the mix of media in the bank, I’ll be on the lookout for quick and easy, mix and make ideas, that can become part of this collection of engaging tasks. Since I’m all about making media, there will be more ways more… »