Challenge – code breaking in online learning Response

Created by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), response for Learner Challenge Activity

My post on the padlet: Students coming into the online learning space – those who are there for the first time are overwhelmed with what to do and when; those who come with previous experiences are relying on past practice to figure it out which is often not helpful. Those with some digital fluencies can more… »

Four Moves to keep it REAL Response

Created by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), response for Holy CRAAP! Activity

This blog post explores how curating resources as an educator takes more moves than just detecting CRAAP. An added layer includes examining the ‘trustworthiness’ of the source and resource. Educators also need to analyze whether the resources are useful, in full or part, for the students, course and content they are teaching. The four moves more… »

My column – Course as curation Response

Created by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), response for Curation Creation Activity

Curating resources, activities and content for a course can be done using a website or blog site. I’ve used WordPress and Weebly for course curation where iterations and revisions happen each time the course is taught. It’s a living, breathing curation of current and critical resources for the topics under discussion within the course. I’ve more… »

Curation as course web site Response

Created by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), response for Find Your Fit Activity

I’ve been a curator for some time. When I’m prepping a new course, I create a course website and map out the course content as a curation of resources for the students. This is the starting point for our class or module conversations and a springboard for deeper learning. Since these are openly accessible, the more… »

The web we weave – curation in action Response

Created by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), response for Your Definition Is This Activity

Curation is a new literacy. This blog post looks at curation of resources with a focus on WHY each element should be kept in the collection. While curation isn’t necessarily defined, this blog about curation looks at why this skill is one of the ‘new literacies’ for today’s global educator.